No Fluff Wholesaling Course

Only $1989

The modules are:

1. The 30,000ft high view

2. Protection, Taxes and Legalities

3. Where are the motivated Sellers

4. How much do you offer

5. How to write them up.

6. Deal Buyers (Your cash)

7. The Paper Work

8. Getting Paid

Finally, a course that focuses on the real raw ‘how-to’, the cold hard facts and NO FLUFF!

Wholesaling is a great way to grow skills and cash to launch your real estate career. People have been using this strategy to get momentum in the beginning of their career as well as add it to their list of strategies. Both ways grow capital and the key skills needed for a long successful career of real estate investing or just to make some extra cash.

This course includes 8 pre-recorded modules to listen to when it’s convenient for you, 3 EXTRA COURSES to compliment this one, and many other bonuses.

Course objective: By the end of these 8 modules we want you to be able to say “I am confident to execute a wholesale and I know how to start looking”.

Only $1989

Also included:

  • 50 ways to find deals
  • Street Smart Buyer Course.
  • Option to Purchase
  • Deal Analyzer
  • Examples of deal alerts for investors
  • The Original Digital Bandit Sign Course
  • The Original Bandit Sign Course
  • General assignment contract
  • Client demographic research vid.
  • Lead Capture Sheet
  • Offer to Purchase
  • Mass MLS offer tutorial
  • Examples for marketing
  • Agreement for Sale Letter of intent for assignment

In real estate, ACTION WINS.

Click the link below NOW and begin today. Or not. Its up to you.

Only $1989


Only $1989